Elite sports
On their way to the top our athletes can be sure that we offer the best possible conditions and support at any time. For additional information see the german website.


For that purpose the Liechtenstein Olympic Committee leads all those athletes who receive the state funding in a so-called "conveyor squad". They will benefit from supplementary benefits such as Sports medical care , mental training or insurance. A card legitimizes with official outfitters of the LOC to purchase sports equipment at special rates or free admission at our training centers "Factory Loft" and "Fitnesshaus" . 


With the supplementary benefits the Liechtenstein Olympic Committee is pursuing multiple goals . The financial relief for the athletes is  one targeted service. Other such as the insurance coverage for disability and the Sports Medical care help to support the athletes as best as possible. 

Kurs 51A10 Word für Vereinsarbeiten
Kurs 51A11 Ehrenamtliche finden und binden
Stein Egerta, Schaan
Kurs 51A12 Sportsystem Liechtenstein
Stein Egerta, Schaan
7/23/2021 - 8/8/2021
Olympische Sommerspiele Tokio 2020
Tokio (Japan)
12/11/2021 - 12/18/2021
EYOF Vuokatti 2021
Vuokatti (Finnland)
Winter EYOF
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